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The Story Behind The Name

I wanted to tell you a little about the story behind the name, Handmade and Reclaimed.  

When I started this business two years ago, I quickly named it and didn't really give it any thought.  Seriously, the name came to me in a few seconds.

While, I thought it was fitting for my business since I create handmade items out of reclaimed wood, I didn't give it much more thought after that.

That evening I was painting a sign and I knew that the Lord had laid that name on my heart for a much more personal reason.  

He reminded me that like this piece I am creating, I too am handmade.  

He reminded me that before the creation of the world God knew me and designed me in His image. He carefully and deliberately gave me the details unique to me.  

I am His handiwork. 

He also reminded me that just like the piece of wood that I was painting, I have been reclaimed.

Webster defines reclaimed as, to retrieve or recover something that was once lost.   I too was lost, but Jesus picked me up, and through His love and sacrifice for me, he made me new.

What a powerful picture of who we are in Christ!

He takes us, broken and discarded and banged up and lost, and he breathes new life into us.

The old has gone the new has come!  

I think about this often as I paint the signs I create. I love the story God continues to weave through Handmade and Reclaimed, I love it because it is my story.  

It is our story.   

The story of a King who loves us so desperately that he picks us up, dusts us off, and in His love and mercy, gives us life.

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