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How To Throw a Spooky Yet Classy Halloween Party For Cheap

As you probably already know, I love home decor. I love the way certain pieces in our home can create an inviting and personal space. 

What you may not know, is that I am equally as passionate about party decor! Give me an excuse to decorate for a party and I am one happy girl. So, when fall comes around, I start getting creative.

So, let's talk Halloween shall we?

Win. Win. Win. We all win. 
(Bonus points for anyone who caught The Office reference) 
Focus your attention and decor in two or three main spaces.  That is all. 

Ok, so here are the three spaces that I tend to focus. 

Before you go out buying anything please shop around your own house first!

You will be so surprised what you will find in other rooms or closets that can be used. The goal here is to repurpose.  Repurpose as much as you can. 

You wanna know what I do? I will take down things from my children's walls to put in my decor. Yep. I've done it before and will do it again... no one needs to know.  It's our little secret. 

Larger pieces...
And while you are doing this...think outside of the box. You would be amazed at what items become creepy next to some crows with some spider webs draped on them.

This was created using a lot of what I already had and items from the dollar store.

Click the link to get the step by step guide on getting this sophisticated Halloween mantle.   

Last, is the food table or wherever you put the majority of your party food.

Mine ends up on an old barn table in my kitchen that I transform for Halloween. 

You can create a Halloween spread worthy of the most sophisticated party goer for not a lot of money. 
Check out my party food table! 

If you are interested in more info on the food/decor I have some great tips, tons of pictures,  and recipes here so you too can create an awesome food table! 

Ok, so now that you have chosen your main Halloween decor spaces, and you've scoured your entire house for fun pieces, we are moving on to the final step...

Add dimension to your decor. You want horizontal items, like trays or stack of books.  But you also want vertical items like vases, candles, or apothecary jars. 

Then once those bigger items are placed together you look for fillers or smaller objects to round out the dimension. 

Got it? Good!  Now go practice! 

What I love to do is just play around. I don't usually get it right on my first or second attempts. I have to play with it..step back...move it around...check Pinterest...move it around again and then all of a sudden it will be like..


I nailed it. 

Ok, so let me show you my Edgar Allan Poe inspired dining room. 

I went with spooky yet classy. 

With a few dollar store items and a bit of creativity you can create a space that will be GREAT for hosting a Halloween dinner party and impress your friends!


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