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How to Create a Classy Halloween Tablescape

Do you need an excuse to have some friends over to hang out with some awesome creepy decor? 

Well, I have one for you. 

Throw an epic Halloween dinner party that they will love!  

As far as food goes there are plenty of things you can serve, butt can we please talk about what to avoid serving?  

If it's me, I would skip the vommiting pumpkin dip and meat tray zombie, as these choices don't put people in a very hungry mood. 😳 

Just saying. 

But hey, that's just my opinion. If you and your friends would like that, than by all means serve severed salami fingers. 

If you are going for a more classier affair, than focus on the decor and whatever foods you serve will look great! 

So let's talk table.

The start of my decor began with this spider web looking table cloth from Party City.  It sets the stage perfectly.

Next, I repurposed my mom's Christmas china for a bit of color and just used my own dishes and silverware.  I got these striped napkins guessed it...the Dollar store, as well as the moss used for the center piece.  For the cute little place setting, I simply rolled up an old book page, placed a feather under it and added a spooky spider.


Easy peasy.

You could add a cute little name card to each place, as well as, a little "Drink Me! (if you dare.)" tag to the drinks. It is just tea, but the tag adds a bit of mystery. 

For the center piece I started with this Ah-mazing candelabra! Doesn't it look like it should be in a haunted house?

While you may not own one of these, use something with some height for the middle piece and work your way out towards the ends.  Use anything you can find around your house that you can make creepy by adding spiders and webs.
I hope you found some inspiration to go play with your own dining room decor. Now go and create a space that will scare and impress your family and friends!  Happy Classy Halloween!  

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