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Favorite Fall Party Food

So, we can't talk Halloween without talking about some fun fall favorite party food!

In my house, we are always looking for an excuse to bake something, so for our Halloween party this year, we decided our main dessert would be these Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.

If you haven't tried them, they are fantastic!  

I found the recipe on The Farm Girl Gabs blog The recipe creates a very cakey cookie, which I tend to prefer in a cookie sandwich.  

And don't even get me started on the icing! It is the best! Whats not to love about cream cheese I right?  

So, these were pretty involved, so I chose to fill my food table with other, less involved items, such as some cake donuts, salted or caramel popcorn, and a cream cheese fruit spread with chips.  

Time is always of the essence, so I like choosing one great recipe and then filling in with these type foods.

I also wanted to make a special fall drink, which I found here.

You can never go wrong with a homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Dashing Dish, had a great recipe that I just had to try!  Let me tell you, it didn't disappoint! It was so creamy and awesome!

Last, I made these easy caramel apples, by melting caramel squares and dipping them right in.

I kept it simple, but you could also add chocolate chips, or candy bits for more variety. Yummmm!

So, there you have it. Fall party foods that I love! I would love to hear what some of your fall favorite recipes are.

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