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6 Steps To Make Your Mantle Spooky For Halloween

When decorating for Halloween, don't forget the mantle.

It is a focal point of the house, and it is easy to decorate for nearly every holiday, especially Halloween!

Alrighty friends, let's get down to the step by step instructions for designing a killer Halloween mantle.  

(This look isn't as hard to pull off as you may think) 

Let's take it one step at a time and you will end up with a mantle that is spooktacular! 

So, we're gonna start by following the same three rules that we talked about in our blog How to Throw a Spooky Yet Classy Halloween Party for Cheap.

If you've followed those tips than you should have shopped your house for lots of goodies to use (if you feel you are missing anything than you can buy it, but only after you've scoured your home).

And remember, the dollar store is your best friend. Ok...maybe not your bestie, but a reeeeally good acquaintance. 

Let's just get right to it, shall we? 

Step 1: remove everything from your mantle so you begin with a clean slate, and place all of your goodies near it so you clearly see what you have to work with. 

Step 2: Start by spooking out your mantle by draping your spider webbing. It can be this net looking one from the dollar store or the white cotton kind that you pull.

In fact you could do any spooky looking fabric. 

Once you have it looking scary, place your wall pieces. I love the look of mirrors and frames, so that's what I chose, but you can use what you have. 

Just remember, when dealing with Halloween decor, you don't want everything on center.  Make it a bit wonky. It just adds to the spook factor. 

Extend the spider webs up to some of the frames too, and create holes in the webbing by pulling it apart in different areas. 


Step 3: Add your bigger items and create differing heights. So, candle holders work great for this.. tall bottles....stacked books..ect. You are setting yourself up to be able to place all of your littles on and around these pieces.

Really all we are doing is layering. 

At this point you should be smiling at how well you are doing. 

Step 4: Spook it out even more by adding your moss. Once again, I got this from the Dollar store for yep, you guessed it...a dollar. 

Place it haphazardly, allowing some to drape off your mantle. You could even drape some on your frames/mirrors. 

This is when you start getting real excited because the spook factor just went up a notch.

Step 5:  Get creative with all of your littles. This is where it's the most fun!   Fill it in with these pieces. Stack some little pumpkins on some stacked books, or set one on a candle crows or spiders around the moss and don't forget some up on your frames/mirrors.

Let me just say for the record, that in my typical home decor, less is more, but when I am decorating for a holiday or party...more is always more!! 

Now you should be doing some sort of a happy dance, because killed it. 

You only have one final step to bring it all together! 

Step 6: Don't forget the hearth! This will unify your entire design by simply bringing some of the same elements from the mantle down.

So I usually start with a bigger item...ex. Basket, crate, or wooden box and fill with something like pumpkins, gourds etc. 

You could also simply cluster your pumpkins together as well.

Just remember, add some webs, spiders, crows, etc. anything that has also been used on the mantle so it ties all together. 


You did it! 

You created yourself am amazing, show-stopping mantle all by yourself!

Now, bask in how proud of yourself you are, while you make yourself a nice large cup of pumpkin spice coffee, eat some kind of cream cheese filled pastry, with your feet up, as you stare up at your masterpiece. 

Happy Halloween my Friends!

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